Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Dreaming #9 by SImon Spurrier - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: Chapter 9: “Entrances and Reflections.”
It seeks him here, it seeks him there,
The nightmare seeks him everywhere.
Is he in faerie, or among damned screams...?
That doomed, elusive Lord of Dreams...

The Dreaming #9 by Simon Spurrier pivots away from the setting of the past few issues, but still focuses on finding Daniel/Dream in order to save the Dreaming. In this case, we find ourselves back with the crew in the Dreaming, as Dora, Abel, Merv, Matthew and the gang begin their quest with a little help from the new "ruler" of the Dreaming, the sentient AI/Code/Program that doesn't really have a name but was born from the crevice during the first arc of this series.

And their quest starts in Faerie, where Dora and Matthew meet up with Nuala, a fairy (?) and former resident of the Dreaming, back when Morpheus was running things (see The Sandman series for more on her). Nuala informs them that she has indeed seen Daniel recently, as he met with Titania, the Queen of Faerie. Nuala also makes some interesting observations about Dora, who still doesn't know what she really is (neither do we, but I have a feeling that might be a major future storyline). Nuala sends them on their way, and we are left hanging as to just what Daniel is up to.

Once again, Spurrier works to tie this series into the greater Sandman mythos that Gaiman developed, this time using the character of Nuala. Nuala is a very well-developed character, and Spurrier just adds to her, rounding out her story from the previous series in a way that rings true. It's also nice to see what was happening in the Dreaming again, after a brief sojourn on Earth. However, I'm curious to find out what happens to the characters we left off with in issue #8.

I'm really enjoying the story Simon Spurrier is telling in The Dreaming. He is weaving a multilayered tale that is very much his own, but still feels like a part of the whole Sandman saga. And this current arc is just expanding the narrative. I mean, we've barely scratched the surface with the new "boss" (as Merv refers to him), let alone gotten a handle on Dora, and just how (or if) Daniel will regain his realm. I'm really curious to see where this goes, and whether the next issue closes this arc or if Spurrier has something different in mind.

I highly recommend The Dreaming #9 by Simon Spurrier. It's more of the same, but even better. I'm becoming more invested in this series as it goes, and it's definitely worth picking up.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics and Vertigo in exchange for an honest review.

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