Wednesday, October 30, 2019

THE LAST GOD #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: THE LAST GOD tells the story of two fellowships of heroes struggling with the same threat…30 years apart. One group will doom their world, the other must save it.

Thirty years ago, a band of heroes traveled beyond the borders of creation and killed the last living god, saving the realm of Cain Anuun from an apocalyptic army of the undead. The legendary companions became the rulers of their world and ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity. But it did not last.

Now the foul legions of the Last God march once more, laying waste to all of Cain Anuun and revealing that the aging fellowship may not be the great heroes they claim to be. With the world burning down around them, a new group of unlikely champions must band together and accomplish what no other has done: kill the Last God, once and for all.

The Last God #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson is a fantasy comic book, and it's pretty interesting so far. I'm a big fan of fantasy books and really enjoy a good quest story, and that appears to be what The Last God is going to be. However, rather than simply tell one story, Johnson is telling parallel tales from the past and the present.

30 years prior to the The Last God, a group of adventurers representing the various peoples of Cain Anuun went to battle the Last God and it's army of plant-like creatures, created from the Plague of Flowers. And they were victorious, saving the world and its inhabitants. Now, in the present, the survivors of the battle have gathered together to pledge allegiance to the greatest of the the group, who may or may not be hiding something. And as the ceremony proceeds, it becomes evident that what people were told happened 30 years ago may not be what actually happened.

The Last God #1 is Phillip Kennedy Johnson dropping the reader into the middle of a fully formed world, with history, politics, religion, etc. With a short prologue, we are given the backstory of the battle with The Last God, and then jump to the present where events start to unravel. This issue is definitely just an introduction, but already the makings of a new group of heroes is starting to come together. Johnson has also created a mystery by not revealing what actually happened 30 years ago, so together the two timelines promise to tell a unified story. And at least for now, I'm really interested to find out where it goes.

I feel like at this point, I don't know a lot about the characters, as its still early in the tale, but the outlines of some interesting people are there. However, the real star of the story at this point is the world building. Much like Steven Erikson's Malazan books, The Last God appears to have a fully realized history and Johnson is telling us one tale of many. This idea suggests that there might be many more stories to come for readers who are interested.

The Last God #1 by Phillip Kennedy Johnson is a good opening chapter in a fantasy/horror series that should appeal to fans of other fantasy books. It's a little darker and more gruesome than Lord of the Rings, not quite as sprawling as Malazan Book of the Fallen, but very much in this vein. I will be reading along to see where Johnson leads us.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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