Sunday, February 20, 2011

An Adventure to "The City" with Griffin

Yesterday,  Griffin and I spent a little boys' time running errands after Lexi was done cheerleading for Upward basketball at our church.  We were on a mission to get new books for everyone in the family, and we had several bookstores to visit.  After finding books for Trisha and the girls at our first stop, we heading into downtown Indy for the closing sale at the downtown Borders.  Because it was busy Saturday, we had to park in an underground garage rather than on the street.  Griffin was fascinated!  He found a great superhero book and was proud to place it on the counter so we could buy it.  Unfortunately, I still had a couple of books on my list, so we headed off to two more stores.  I found what I was looking for at the other stores, but Griffin wanted to make sure I got something so he offered to buy me a book at each place.  He even handed the cashier my book and the money for it at one of the stores.  He was quite the enthusiastic shopping partner.  We returned home in time for dinner and family movie night (we watched Ramona and Beezus; the kids enjoyed it).  He excitedly told Trisha about our trip to "The City", as he calls it, and how we parked under the street and took a secret passage.  There are times I wish I was still wide-eyed enough to see the fantastic in the ordinary like he did.  It was the perfect summary of our time together.

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