Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Glazier Football Clinic or Coaching Christmas

Tomorrow starts the annual Indianapolis weekend of the Frank Glazier Football Clinic.  Its two-and-a-half days of football talk, by coaches from the NFL, D-I, D-II, D-III, and high school.  Multiple topics are covered, there is a lot of networking, some food eaten, and a lot of note taking and exchanging of ideas.  Two years ago I went to the clinic intent on learning the Spread Zone offense and got a lot of good ideas.  I also heard Chuck Martin, who was Grand Valley State's head coach (multiple D-II national championships) and is currently coaching at Notre Dame.  He was fantastic.  I listened to him over the course of four hours and would have listened more if he had more to say.  I also heard from Brian Kelly (Cincinnati at the time, now Notre Dame/Big timer) and Mount Union's head coach (D-III powerhouse) who's name I forget.  Last year I widened my interest level, and this year I have no set agenda, since I may not be coaching this fall.  I enjoy the learning process and the opportunity to hear great speakers, with a few duds thrown in.  It's a fun time to hang out with coaching friends as well.  As the icing on top of the cake, for a low price and minimum work, I can receive continuing education credits to renew my teaching license.  It's a pretty good deal.

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