Sunday, February 27, 2011

Post-Clinic Review

I spent the majority of my time at this week's Glazier Mega Clinic with a few speakers.  Eric Koehler from Grand Valley State was awesome.  He spoke about their no-huddle spread offense, and an empty stack formation they use to create mismatches and stretch the field horizontally.  I spent 4 hours listening to him, and between the information and his anecdotes, the time flew by.  I spent 2 hours with Chad Hetlet from Glenbard West High School (Illinois State Champs), and wish I had heard more.  He was talking about all things Jet Offense, which is when a wing/flanker is brought in motion, handing the ball off to him for a sweep.  Saturday morning was spent with Darin Slack, who's Quarterback Academy is quickly becoming the premier QB camp.  He spoke about the R4 system, which is a way to speed up the QB's pass reads based on what the defense is doing rather than what it has done.  It's actually a lot simpler than that description, but it was pretty revolutionary in its simplicity.  It also flies in the face of a lot of passing offense sacred cows.  I overheard Coach Slack discussing an aspect of his leadership program that I thought was pretty cool, too.  He has a wrist band that states "68 degrees and breezy".  The application being, a thermometer reads the temperature of the room, while a thermostat sets the temperature.  You have a choice of which you want to be; a leader/coach/husband/father can choose his attitude and actions, rather than simply being affected by others.

I may have another book review up this week, and there are a couple of new CD's I've been enjoying, also.  Stay tuned...

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