Saturday, May 14, 2011

Soccer Update

In their second-to-last game of the season, Griffin and Cami played well (or so I'm told; I got to enjoy a snow make-up day at school).  Cami scored another goal.  Griffin wanted to score five goals; instead, he scored seven.  I believe he is currently being courted by MLS (no American soccer league for us), but is holding out for the English Premier League.  His daddy wants him to be an Arsenal Gunner, so he can put it to Manchester United (I hate those guys.  If you don't know them, do a Google search).  My athletic endeavor today was in the area of basketball.  We played our annual Faculty vs. Seniors charity basketball game during last period today.  We won on a free throw in sudden-death overtime (the bell was going to ring, and the teachers are getting old).  I contributed 2 pts, 1 block/jump ball, some rebounds, a missed lay-up, and some tired legs and heavy breathing.  Trisha brought the kids to watch, which might be the first time they've ever seen me play any sports.  Anyway, I'll be spending the night in my oxygen tent, trying to recover.  Also, never eat a ham sandwich two hours before playing in a basketball game.

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