Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Weekly Wrap Up

This has been a hodge-podge of a week for the Knights.  Cami and Griffin played their last soccer game, with each scoring one goal (Cami's was a center kick from mid-field).  That gave Griffin at least one goal in each game, which is pretty cool.  Trisha is co-leading a book study at church, and also organized the MOPS Messy Day activity (it was a rousing success).  Lexi and I wrapped up our second consecutive six-day school week and we only have five days left, thankfully.  Saturday night, one of my former players got married, so we able to attend and see not only the new groom, but quite a few other former players as well.  Highlights for the upcoming week include the preschool program, elementary school awards, eighth grade graduation, and the 3rd annual 8th-grade-only graduation danced with music by DJ Scott Knight and MC Scott Smith (our social studies teacher and fellow coach).  I have to admit we rock the party, plus we threaten all 80's music if the kids don't burn some cd's of their favorite songs for us.  And, I will rap the seminal Vanilla Ice classic "Knight, Knight, Baby".  Good times.

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