Sunday, August 7, 2011

DVD Review - Paws and Tales: Putting Others First

I received a copy of Paws and Tales: Putting Others First from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.  I watched the two episodes of this children's show from Chuck Swindoll with my three children.  I thought it was decent.  The cast of characters includes children and adult forest creatures who live in a small town in the woods.  They interact in a variety of arenas.  It had two stories, each just over 20 minutes,  based on Bible verses and biblical principles.  The animation is okay and the stories were alright.  I wasn't blown away by it, but thought it was average.  Included with the dvd are resources that can be printed by using a computer.  There was also a song at the end of each episode.  My two youngest children liked the shows, but my oldest (7 years old) said she really didn't get it.  She understood the story, but I don't think it captured her attention.  I really think we've been spoiled by Veggie Tales.

One episode deals with two children who made a selfish choice (deciding not to help someone in need).  They then have the opportunity to correct that decision.  The main verse is Matthew 22:39.  The second episode had a spoiled rich girl who abuses the fact that many of her classmates have parents working for her father.  She uses her influence to blackmail the kids into doing things for her or she will have their parents fired.  One young boy decides to stand up to her and let the chips fall where they may.  This is structured around Philipians 2:3, and I believe it is the better of the two episodes.

Paws and Tales would be a decent addition to a family's video library or the children's department at a church.

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