Sunday, August 28, 2011

ONU Football

Last night, I took the kids (Trisha had to work) to the ONU vs. Marian College football game.  It was my friend Brian Fish's first game as head coach.  ONU lost, but played hard.  They were simply out-manned, but that should change as Fish keeps recruiting and the large number of underclassmen who played last night gain experience.  It was fun to see the Tigers playing again, and Brian brought back "Fight On" and began team afterglows (or whatever he is calling them) after the game.  I'm confident he'll get the program turned around.

It was also fun to visit with some old friends, catch up, and reminisce.  I spent a large part of the game watching my kids running around having fun and talking to Mark and to Jared Slibeck (another former Tiger).  I'm looking forward to catching another game this season and hopefully attending more in the future.

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