Sunday, August 7, 2011

Just the Boys

Trisha has been out of town at the MOPS Convention in Nashville, so it's been just me and the kids for four days.  Friday night was big, though.  Lexi spent the night at a friend's house and Cami stayed with Tom and Donna, so it was just me and Griffin at home.  It was our boys' night together.  When you're four, a boys' night begins with dinner from McDonald's, where Griffin selected a Happy Meal with a Smurf in it.  That was followed up by watching a bunch of his favorite shows, including Ben 10.  It was all boy shows, without those pesky sisters wanting to watch a "girl movie".  After a "full" night of sleep, our day began bright and early (6:30) when Griffin decided it was time to watch more tv, but not in my bed; we had to go downstairs to the family room (sigh).  We then played Wii together (Ben 10, his favorite game).  Finally, I guess Griffin was getting a little tired of me because he disappeared into the playroom to play Ben 10 with his various action figures (he's very creative because he only has one actual Ben 10 guy).  It was a fun and interesting boys' night together.

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