Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Saturdays, Football, and Concerts

Last Saturday, Trisha and I drove up to Olivet to catch the football game and a concert.  The game was okay.  The Tigers are playing better, but are simply out-manned.  They are currently playing with an all-freshmen backfield and lost their last upperclassman OL to injury during the game.  They competed for a half and then the game slipped away.  The highlight was visiting with Brian Fish's wife and two kids; his daughter, Culley, acted like Trisha was her long lost friend.  It was fun catching up with the Fish family (school of Fishes?).

After the game, we grabbed some Jimmy John's and rushed to Walmart, home to all things cheap and Chicago Bears.  We all got new t-shirts and we saw lots of cool Bears do-dads and gizmos.  Our Walmart only has Colt stuff, like they've been here forever (or at least since 1984).

We then headed back to ONU's new Centennial Chapel, which is beautiful.  It's a great place to catch a concert and I'm sure I could have read Sports Illustrated just as well there as I did in Chalfant Hall (I never missed a Chapel, though, Dad).  The concert was open seating, so like the old couple we are (at least like I am), we sat in the front row of the "balcony".  I didn't feel like standing up the whole time and wanted to record some of the concert on my phone (look below, although the audio is pretty bad).  We ended up with great seats. 

The opening band was Atomic Tom.  They were a strange mix of 80's goodness and bad haircuts and mustaches.  They were entertaining, but the lead singer's banter and dancing was very mockable.

Next up was Anberlin, who I recently discovered.  They rocked! They are rock, alternative, emo, punk, with an alto lead singer.  They performed a great show, playing several of my favorites.  They also had the ONU drumline (all three members) perform on stage during one song, and went acoustic for a few songs in the middle.  They were definitely worth seeing.

Switchfoot ended the night, and it was awesome.  They were very polished and smooth.  They played mostly songs from their last two albums, with a couple of previous hits thrown in.  Their current songs are generally a lot edgier than the previous ones, which is a good thing if you ask me.  Jon Foreman, the lead singer, has an amazing way with words and writes great lyrics.  The melodies are catchy and easy to sing with.  During one song, two college kids held up a sign that said they knew how to play the song being sung, so Foreman called them on stage and gave them guitars (they did a fine job).  I thought that was pretty cool.

It was a great day.  On the way up, I told Trisha I wanted a little more than the standard song playing for the concert and I was pleased.  The two headliners changed arrangements and added a little something you only get in concert.  Also, Trisha played solitaire on her phone for most of the Switchfoot concert.  I'm not the only one too lame to party with the kids down near the stage.

The first video was Switchfoot's last song, "The Sound".  The second video is Anberlin's song "Impossible".

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