Sunday, January 24, 2016

Basketball (What else?)

Lexi's team had two games this week. Unfortunately she was sick and missed the first one (they won). She played pretty well in the second game, as her team put a whoopin' on Shenandoah (always a good thing). Her defense was pretty good, and she is still building confidence on offense. She did score a basket and had an assist.

Cami's team won their game. She did a great job. Her offensive skills are coming along really well. She ran the point multiple times; on one trip, she called the play, dribbled off the screen and took the ball in for a layup that just missed. However, she did score a basket and had a nice assist, as well.

Griffin's school team won again. He continued playing lockdown defense, and set some good screens. He also ran the point and played wing. He had multiple shots that just didn't fall today. He has been working really hard with his coach (who also helps with travel ball) on his shooting form, and its coming along nicely.

Griffin's travel team ended their season with two nail-biting wins, to finish 11-7. Griffin went scoreless, but had several nice shots that refused to fall (including 2 free throws). He was a crazy man on defense, getting rebounds, steals, and causing jump balls. I'm super excited for his growth as a player from being on this team. The coaches wanted to teach the boys how to be good players, and good men (using a devotion every practice to help). I think they succeeded.

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