Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Weekly Sports Update

Lexi had two games this week, and both were blowouts. Her team appears to be good, but its hard to tell if it's them, or the quality of the opponents. Lexi didn't score this week (she did have a couple of shots), but she is continuing to improve. She played point guard for a little bit, and told me later she was a little nervous, but she did fine. She is setting good screens and getting after it on defense. My favorite thing so far is watching her guard and block out the other girls. Several times she has had to match up against girls 5-6 inches taller than her, and at least 20 lbs heavier, due to the lack of size on her team. She tends to get a little feisty in these match ups, and acts like a pest, using her body pretty well. It's fun to watch her, and her team.

Cami's team won again, although this one was tighter. She scored the first basket of the game, and had several other shots. She also got to play a little point guard; she had a big grin as she called out the play. Right now, I believe her team is in first place with 3-4 more games to go.

Griffin's school team got some revenge against the only team to beat them so far. It was another close finish, and very exciting. Apparently, Griffin asked his coach if he could play in the post. While none of his shots fell, he did end up with at least 15 rebounds. The kid was all over the place. He even made a really nice attempt at a jump-in-the-air-to-save-the-ball play that was called out (the ref said Griffin stepped on the line; Griffin said he didn't). It was neat to see him get so involved in rebounding. I even overheard the dad of one of Griffin's buddies saying that Griffin was the "windex man".

More updates next week!

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