Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Basketball Update

Lexi had her first school team game, playing on the "B" team. By all accounts, she did a wonderful job. Trisha said that Lexi looked better, more confident, and like she knew what she was doing, than she did during the rec league season. She played a bunch, and scored a basket. She also had a nice assist, and did a good job playing defense. We're looking forward to seeing her development continue as she plays with and against better players.

This week, Cami's game was canceled due to icy roads.

Griffin's school team won their game. He did a really good job on defense, and is becoming more aggressive, causing a lot of jump balls. He brought the ball up the floor, and was able to get off a few shots, but, unfortunately none went in.

Additionally, the travel games that were canceled last week were rescheduled for this week. Griffin's team won both games, to finish the regular season at 9-7. They may have a couple of post-season games next weekend. Griffin did a great job, especially on defense. He got a couple of steals, rebounds, and caused some jump balls. He also had a few nice looking shots that just didn't fall for him.

More of the same for our family in the week to come.

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