Saturday, February 20, 2016

Basketball (2 seasons finish)

This week Lexi just had one game (one was canceled due to weather). Her team won again, by a large margin. Lexi continued her hard work on defense and on the boards. She also was able to shoot a bit. She has her last two regular season games this week.

Cami's team won the league championship. In the two tournament games, she scored a basket, played good defense, and had a ton of assists. It was fun watching her improve each week, and the championship was a nice cap to a great season. Up next is softball.

Griffin's team played their tournament, and ended up playing three games. They won a close game on Thursday, and then a nail-biter to reach the championship. Unfortunately, they just couldn't get over the hump in the championship game, and finished second. Griffin has really come on strong and developed into a great defender. He also takes a lot of pride in rebounding, which leads to the majority of his shots (none fell in the tournament). He is a true hustle player. He had to outstanding plays in the semi-final game. In the first one, he saved a ball just as it was going out of bounds, which led to a basket late in the game. The second play led to the win. With about 15 seconds left, Griffin tracked down an offensive rebound about 10 feet out, pivoted, and hit an open teammate with a perfect pass, which became the winning assist when his teammate hit a basket with 10 seconds left. Those plays really summed up his growth as a player this year.

I'm very proud of my kids in their various basketball seasons. All worked very hard, and all three improved tremendously. Here's hoping Lexi's last week leads to another shot at a championship.

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