Sunday, February 14, 2016

Basketball Stuff

Lexi once again had a pair of games. Her team won both, but as a bonus, Lexi dressed and played in the "A" team game on Wednesday night. Lexi continues to carve out a niche for herself as a defender and a player who can play multiple positions. She took a couple of shots and played point guard a bit, but her offense is still a work in progress. She does a nice job hustling, tying up loose balls, getting to rebounds, and annoying people on defense. More games this week.

Cami's team won again. She did a fine job on defense, set good screens, and brought the ball up court a few times. She had a very nice drive to the basket off a screen, but her shot just missed. She also had several nice passes for assists. Next week is her tournament, where her team should be seeded first.

Griffin's team lost in another down-to-the-wire game. He was able to take a few shots, but mostly he did his work on defense. He is turning into a good defender, and is continuing to be aggressive for rebounds. He also played point guard and was very conscious of trying to involve his teammates with his passes. His tournament starts Thursday.

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