Saturday, February 6, 2016

Basketball Weekly

Lexi's team continued its undefeated ways with another blowout. Lexi played quite a bit. She missed her only shot, but that's not really the fun part about watching her play. On defense, her team played zone, and Lexi played up top, out on the wing, and the center post position. It's fun watching her match up with girls on defense and hustle. Two more games this week.

Cami's team won again. She played good defense and hustled on offense. My favorite play was when she picked up a loose ball and took it coast to coast for a nice layup right before the 3rd quarter buzzer ended. It looked very smooth.

Griffin's team lost a heartbreaker, on a free throw in sudden death (they had already played an overtime). He is a tremendous defender and is an animal when it comes to loose balls. He continued to collect rebounds, and took a couple of shots, one of which banked in, but didn't stay in the hoop. He has one more regular season game before the tournament.

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