Sunday, November 20, 2016

Basketball Update

Lexi continues to cheer, and practice with her basketball team. Her games start in January. Things should get interesting then.

Cami's team won again, and continue to be undefeated. She didn't score this week, but took a few good shots, one of which just missed. She keeps playing good defense, learning how to slide her feet this week. She also had a rebound or two, and tied up the ball a couple of times. She still plays with a big smile.

Griffin's team went 2-0 today and looked pretty good doing it. Griffin took a few shots; however, they didn't fall for him today. He picked a kid's pocket, stealing the ball and making a good pass. He also grabbed several rebounds, heading out on the break a couple of times (he tied for the team lead of rebounds/box outs). His defense was tenacious. He guarded one team's best player for about 5 game minutes, and shut him down.

Lexi has a cheer game and practice this week, and the twins get back at it on the weekend.

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