Sunday, November 13, 2016

Our Basketball Update

Cami's team won again, and are now 3-0 on the season. She hustled on defense, nearly making a steal, and got a few rebounds. She also set some good screens and took a few shots (unfortunately, none went in.) She always plays with a bounce in her step and a big smile.

Lexi made the 7th grade basketball team! She also cheered for the boys' teams for the first time this year. Her schedule just got a lot busier.

Griffin's travel team played their first two games, splitting them with a win and a loss. Griffin played great defense, hustling and harassing his man during both games. He was on the floor several times, tying up loose balls, and I think had a rebound. He had one beautiful steal at half court and was able to get a shot off, but it did not go in. He also started his school ball this week, with games beginning in December.

As is evident, we are about to become extremely busy!

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