Sunday, September 10, 2017

A lot happening this week

To begin, Lexi continues to cheer for the middle school football games. The team was victorious again this week. She also is still attending basketball open gym. Additionally, the middle school student council (of which she is a member), voted her President, a position she ran for (and gave a speech) against two other 8th graders. I guess I have to refer to her as Madam President now.

Cami had another volleyball match. She didn't win, but she served well again and hit the ball several other times. She also had her first two travel basketball games. They won one and lost one. She had 2 points, a steal, and caused multiple jump balls. Lots of hustle.

Griffin's football team is still undefeated, at 5-0. The defense has only given up 20 points this season, I believe, and the offense has scored 112. We have three more regular season games. Griffin had an assist and nearly had two more tackles. He also recovered a fumble for the first time in his career. Last week, his travel basketball team played two games (they lost both). Griffin played pretty good defense. He was able to get a few shots off, but is still a little rusty. He also shot two free throws, but they just missed. This week they had two more games, winning one and losing one. Griffin took some shots again, got a rebound, a deflection, tied up several loose balls, and played good defense. Next week he has two more games.

Lots of fun cheering on the kids.

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