Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Latest Update

This week, Lexi continued cheering. The 8th grade team won again, and Lexi was her usual cheer-y self. Two more weeks before they begin transitioning to basketball cheer. She also has another cheer competition coming up next Saturday.

Cami's volleyball team split games with their opponent for the second time this season. She served well, winning earning several points. She has a couple more weeks of the volleyball season remaining. Cami's basketball team went 1-1 this week. She handled the ball as point guard several times, shot, and played hard. Two more games to come next week.

Griffin's football team won again, 18-0, to go to 7-0 on the season. He had a pretty good game, getting a tackle and providing some blocks. He also got to cover a receiver, as this team passed a little bit. Next Saturday is the last regular season game, with the playoffs starting next Sunday. Giffin's basketball team lost both their games this week. He had a few shots that just missed (they are sooo close to going in). He also had a couple of rebounds, played tenacious defense, and caused multiple turnovers, along with tying the ball up for jump balls. His fall season comes to an end next weekend with a tournament.

We are close to finishing the fall sports season and then will have a short break before the winter season begins.

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