Sunday, September 17, 2017

So Many Sports!

Lexi did her usual, cheering for the middle school football game (they lost). However, this week her cheer squad participated in their first ever competition. The did a great job and received a trophy (they were the only squad in their division, but did a terrific job regardless).

Cami's volleyball team won their first set of the season. Cami did a wonderful job, serving for several points. She also made some nice hits when the ball was served to her. Cami's basketball team went 1-1 again this week. She did a nice job in the first game, but turned it on in the second. She had a rebound and 4 points to go along with several jump balls caused in both games. She had a huge smile on her face after scoring. More to come next week.

Griffin's football team won their sixth game of the year, bringing them to 6-0. They beat an outmanned team 22-0, and it could have been a lot worse but we played multiple kids in multiple positions. Griffin played good defense and nearly had another tackle. On offense, he blocked as a wide receiver, but the real fun came when I put him at running back. On his first play, he recovered a fumble by the quarterback. On his second, he ran right, made a little juke move, and picked up around 6 yards. Unfortunately, there was a penalty, but it was a really cool run with a nice move. He also said it didn't really hurt to get tackled, so that was nice. Two more regular season games to go. Griffin's basketball team lost both of their games. Griffin was able to take a couple of shots and get some rebounds. More next week.

One other really cool thing happened this week. The US Secretary of Education visited our school as part of a tour she was on, and attended our Hog Roast fundraiser and varsity football game. Cami and Griffin had a chance to meet Sec. DeVos and shake her hand. Griffin (and a smidge of Cami) even made it in a picture in the local newspaper (Griffin was front and center).

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