Monday, July 23, 2018

10 Minutes in the Word: Psalms - Book Review

From the publisher: Embrace your time with the Lord, no matter how busy you are! 10 Minutes in the Word: Psalms offers encouraging insights and meaningful reflections in just 10 minutes. For the days when you most need the presence of God, 10 Minutes in the Word: Psalms is the perfect way to grow in your faith that fits into your busy schedule.

This devotional invites you into the Psalms, a place of praise and reflection. Realign your heart with God’s as you read through the Scripture and spend just a few minutes with Him. Whether you’re on a quick lunch break, between classes, or relishing some peace and quiet during nap time, 10 Minutes in the Word: Psalms gives you what you need to keep going. Just 10 minutes a day will guide you into Psalms, helping you feel closer to God and His Word.

10 Minutes in the Word: Psalms is a nice combination of gift book and devotional. It is written to be easily digested in a short amount of time, but with enough thought behind each entry to provide depth for the reader. With the many praises and cries of sorrow and for help in it, Psalms is a good book for a devotional focus.

There are 46 separate devotions in this book, and they work there way through the book of Psalms. Each entry follows the same basic format: there is a key Bible Verse (or two or three) from the larger passage that the entry is based upon. Next is a 1-2 page devotional presentation, relating the passage to today. This is followed by a short prayer based on the key points of the passage. Finally, there are questions for reflection, centered around the message and passage. Some examples of devotional topics include: The Firm Counsel of God; A Beggar at God's Throne; God's Guidance; Make a Joyful Noise; and Hide His Word in Your Heart. Because much of Psalms is David (and others) laying his heart bare before God, the topics can feel a little weighty, so if that is not what you are looking for, you may want to try something else.

As a devotional reader, I appreciate these shorter 5-10 minute devotions, as they are perfect for reading in the morning when getting ready for work. They provide insight into the wisdom of the book of Psalms, and the questions are a jump start for thinking about how I can apply the ideas to my life.

There is another book in this 10 Minutes in the Word series that focuses on Proverbs. I liked that book much better than this one. I'm not sure exactly why. I might be the content; I much prefer the wisdom of Proverbs to some of the heavy emotion of the Psalms. I also found the writing style to be tougher with the Psalms. The entries I read did not seem to flow as well; I found myself having to reread portions multiple times.

Overall, I would recommend 10 Minutes in the Word: Psalms to anyone looking for a devotional with short but deep devotions to help grow your relationship with Jesus Christ. While this wasn't a book that I found I enjoyed, I'm sure there are many readers who would like the style presented by the author(s).

I received a review copy of this book from the BookLook Bloggers program in exchange for an honest review.

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