Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Doomsday Clock #6 by Geoff Johns - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: The critically acclaimed super star team of writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank continue this groundbreaking event as the Mime and the Marionette take center stage in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #6.

Doomsday Clock #6 by Geoff Johns takes a small time-out from the main storyline. Rather, it focuses on the Mime and the Marionette, two villains from the world of the Watchmen.

Johns tells this origin story by splitting time between the present and the past. The past focuses on the Marionette: who she is, where she is from, and how she became the Marionette. Johns also takes some time to look at the Mime, as well. The long-standing relationship between the two villains is very interesting, and adds a lot of depth to the characters. As ruthless as they are, there is some emotional resonance to their stories and they are much more than one-note characters.

Meanwhile, in the present, the Mime and the Marionette have come into contact with Joker, who has captured Batman. As the group makes their way to a meeting of villains who are considering Black Adam's offer of sanctuary, Johns reveals more about the Mime and the Marionette. Putting this information with what we learn about their pasts creates a more complete picture, and results in a very interesting and different issue than I was expecting, particularly when the Comedian arrives.

The only downside to this issue (if it can be considered such) is that the main plot doesn't really move forward much. I'm still very curious to discover just who is responsible for The New 52/Rebirth (is it really as simple as Dr. Manhattan?). I want to see what happens Ozymandias and Rorschach get back on track with their quest for the good Doctor. What is Wally West's role in all this? So many questions, and we are now officially half way through the series.

Geoff Johns has written another excellent issue with Doomsday Clock #6. I highly recommend it, particularly to fans of villains and those who've been reading along. It's another step in the bigger picture Johns is creating.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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