Wednesday, July 18, 2018

THE WILD STORM #15 by Warren Ellis - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: Marc Slayton took his show on the road, as the thing inside him he called the Carer told him to.  But whom is he hunting, and for what purpose? John Lynch is crisscrossing America to warn the other Thunderbook test subjects that IO might have discovered them, but IO might not be the only threat to their lives. The uneasy peace between IO and Skywatch has become a cold war—and there are plans for a hot war. 

Another issue of The Wild Storm, another piece of the puzzle. With issue #15, Warren Ellis moves the pieces on his chess board just a little bit more. There are so many story threads at this point that I can't wait to see how (and if) Ellis can pull them all together into a cohesive ending.

So, Bendix and Skywatch are mad at IO for an attack last issue. IO may have figured out where Bendix's group is hiding. Slayton is trying to please the weird alien living inside him. Jenny and Shen have an interesting conversation with Jack Hawksmoor. Lucy Blaze suffers the fallout from last issue. And John Lynch is still looking for the men and women from operation Thunderbook.

I enjoyed this issue, but nothing was resolved. In fact, Cole Cash and his group (the wild CAT) didn't even make an appearance. There was lots of action, plans and more plans, and plenty of characters. The Wild Storm is not short on stuff happening, and with every new issue, Ellis throws more balls in the air to juggle; and so far he's doing an excellent job. A large part of the fun for me is seeing just what happens next and waiting to see if Ellis can stick the landing. I don't know if he can, but the journey to find out is a blast.

Because of all the various characters and factions, there isn't very much space to let the individual stories breathe. I would hope that after The Wild Storm concludes, there may be some series that revisit the various characters, filling in gaps in their lives or adding depth of character, because there is a lot there to work with.

I highly recommend The Wild Storm #15 by Warren Ellis, but do not start here. I missed one issue and felt like I missed some important stuff. This is definitely a series to read in order from the beginning. Thankfully, DC is putting out collected editions of the story, so if you haven't read the previous issues, go grab those.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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