Sunday, November 4, 2018

In Transition (Family Sports)

So over the past few weeks, both Griffin and Lexi made the school basketball teams, with Lexi just getting cleared to begin full practices as her stress fractures appear to be healed. She will be playing JV and Griffin will play on the 6th grade team. Cami's tryouts are near the end of the month.

Cami is wrapping up her travel basketball season, and the team has won all 3 of their games over the past two weeks, including a tournament game today. She scored 6 points today, and I think 6-10 in the two games last week. She had multiple steals, deflections, and rebounds. Last week she also had two blocks in one game. She is becoming a very good all-around player. Next week is the rest of the tournament; they play until they lose (not sure how many rounds are left).

This week, Lexi has her first two high school games, while Griffin's games don't begin until December.

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