Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Dreaming #3 by Simon Spurrier - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: As the Dreaming slips deeper into chaos, its frightened denizens yearn for strong leaders to guide them back to greatness. Enter Judge Gallows: nightmare of the major arcana, terror of the old frontier, whose thoughts and actions come knotted in hemp...

Released from Morpheus’ black chest after a century in the dark, he may not be merciful—but he’s always right.

His first case? Lucien’s fitness to lead...

Changes are afoot in The Dreaming #3 by Simon Spurrier. Judge Gallows has been set free from his captivity in the Black Chest and he's going to straighten out the Dreaming. With the assistance of Mervyn Pumpkinhead, Judge Gallows conducts a sly takeover of the Dreaming while taking on both Lucien and Dora along the way. Also, something is up with Abel; his timid behavior is changing and Cain isn't sure he likes it.

So, at this point, The Dreaming is moving right along. Spurrier keeps adding challenges to the people trying to solve the mystery of why Dream left and where he is. Unfortunately, those challenges are keeping the reader from finding out, as well. I'm still intrigued enough (and a long-time fan of Sandman) to keep reading, but at some point in the near future the story needs to begin moving forward. Long story arcs are something of a Sandman tradition, but Gaiman also told shorter arcs that made up the larger story. I'm hoping Spurrier follows this example, as there are quite a few interesting characters and situations. However, for me, I would like to see some resolution to the missing Dream story (or at least some significant reveals) going forward, or eventually I'll begin waiting for the collected editions.

The Dreaming #3 is more of the same, as Simon Spurrier continues to present a version of the Dreaming that is very discombobulated. It's still worth reading, particularly if you are a Sandman fan. Keep in mind, though, that this story is getting more involved and pretty soon it may be too complex for new readers.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics and Vertigo in exchange for an honest review.

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