Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Books of Magic #3 by Kat Howard - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: The body of Tim’s teacher, Mr. Brisby, has been discovered, and the scene is grisly—could his killing have been a ritualistic act? Tim tries to comfort his classmates, but finds himself in need of his own protector.

Books of Magic #3 by Kat Howard continues the story of Tim Hunter and his quest to become the greatest wizard in the world. In the previous issue, Tim was forced to use magic to kill some guys who tried to kill him; also, one of his teachers was brutally murdered. This issue picks up those story lines.

Tim is having trouble sleeping due to nightmares that are a result of his actions in the last issue. Unfortunately, Tim needs rest to improve his focus, so he can continue to develop his magic skills. Tim also discovers one of his favorite teachers has been killed, and both he and his classmates have to deal with that tragedy. Meanwhile, Dr. Rose is still being very vague with Tim about his magic skills and what he needs to do to reach the point where he is powerful enough to find his mother. Also, Dr. Rose may know more than she is letting on in regards to who is after Tim.

After all of that, I've got to say that at this point, I don't really care what happens to Tim, good or bad. I've given this story three issues to grab my attention, and Howard's writing hasn't done it. I just don't care about the characters or the events going on. I don't know why that is exactly. The plot is slow moving; that is one cause. Tim is sort of whiny and unlikable; that's another cause. Throw in everything else, and nothing has caught my attention. I don't find myself wanting to read this book when I have a chance.

I don't really recommend Books of Magic #3 by Kat Howard. It's just not working for me. This is my last issue (I may try the book again when it is farther into the story and some collected editions are published). It might be your cup of tea, but for me it was a disappointment.

I received a preview copy of this book from Vertigo and DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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