Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Wild Storm #19 by Warren Ellis - Comic Book Review

From the publisher: Beginning the fourth story arc of THE WILD STORM. Jenny Mei Sparks has been around for over a century. She’s seen a lot of things. Enough bad stuff that she took 20 years off to get drunk. And now she’s back, and she has a plan. The problem is that other people have plans, too, and one of them is about reducing the population of Earth by around 90 percent.

The Wild Storm #19 is definitely the start of a story arc. Warren Ellis uses this issue to set up what is going to happen over the final 5 issues of this book. So, we get an interesting conversation between Jenny Sparks and her crew. We get a glimpse of what IO may be up to. Apollo and the Midnighter make an appearance and indicate they might get involved. And the new Doctor meets with her predecessors, where the backstory of the Kherans and Daemons is finally laid out. It's an issue heavy on exposition, but very important nonetheless.

This wasn't might favorite issue of The Wild Storm, but I'm appreciative to Ellis for finally providing some background. I'm also viewing this issue as the calm before the storm, because for this story to wrap up adequately, things are going to have to really get moving very soon. Ellis has a lot of balls in the air, and a boatload of characters who's arc have been heading towards these final issues. I'm extremely curious as to how he is going to tie everything up. But, as I've stated in other reviews of this series, I'm trusting that Ellis knows what he is doing, and I'm committed to riding along with him.

I recommend The Wild Storm #19 by Warren Ellis. At this point, you've either been here all along and want to see how it ends, or you've chosen a very complicated part of the story to jump in to. Either way, this book is heading full speed towards an exciting conclusion.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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