Sunday, January 6, 2019

Heroes in Crisis #4 by Tom King - Comic Book Review (Updated review)

Editor's Note: An earlier version of this review misidentified the author of Heroes in Crisis #4 as Geoff Johns. Tom King is actually the author. Sorry for any confusion.

From the publisher: Wonder Woman versus…Booster Gold?! Diana finds out the hard way that Booster can be a formidable opponent when his back’s against the wall. Of course, being the prime suspect in a superhero massacre and exposing a secret trauma hospital for metahumans will do just that. Meanwhile, Batman and the Flash combine their detective skills to investigate what went awry at Sanctuary and uncover a serious glitch in the system—not to mention an explosive, spoiler-ific secret!

Heroes in Crisis #4 by Tom King continues an excellent story. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman continue to investigate the murders of quite a few heroes and villains at Sanctuary. Meanwhile, Booster Gold and Harley Quinn encounter friends/confidantes who come along side them to help figure out what happened at Sanctuary.

King continues to spin a very engaging and intriguing story. I'm fully hooked on finding out what happened and who was responsible. Johns also does a great job of jumping from one narrative focus to another. This issue gives us a couple of pages of Booster and Blue Beetle, Harley Quinn and Batgirl, Superman and Lois Lane, and the trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Each little episode is terrific, giving pieces of the puzzle. However, each piece alone, or even several pieces together, still doesn't provide the answers we all want. There are also more of the "confessional" type videos, which I really enjoy (I wonder how much they are setting the stage for Sanctuary, or if they are part of the puzzle?). The issue closes with a huge development that promises to play a major role in the series going forward.

Heroes in Crisis is very much a murder mystery, and because of the story structure, the readers don't spend much time in each issue with just one or two characters. You would think that might hinder the character development, but Johns has found a way to deepen each character in just a few pages in each outing. He has already changed the way I perceive Booster Gold, who is normally played for laughs. There is a gravitas to the character now, and the jokey aspect seems sad, rather than goofy. King is also adding some emotional depth to a bunch of characters through the use of the "confessional" videos. I'm curious to see if this carries over to the series and regular stories that feature these characters.

I highly recommend Heroes in Crisis #4. Tom King has gotten me hooked, and while I'd love to read all the issues in one sitting and take in the story as a whole, I don't think I could wait until they are published in a collected volume. I'm already eagerly awaiting issue #5.

I received a preview copy of this book from DC Comics in exchange for an honest review.

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