Sunday, January 12, 2014

Back to Basketball

After an extended break, Griffin was back at it on Saturday.  His team played a pretty even game, with no clear winner.  Griffin didn't make any baskets, but took several good shots that just didn't fall.  He played good defense and had a couple of fast breaks, as well.  My favorite thing about him right now, though, is how he looks to pass.  Most of the kids in his league are black holes, basically looking to shoot every time they get the ball.  Griffin even mentioned that one boy on his team was a ball hog, so he recognizes what is happening.  To that end, he looks to pass quite often.  Passing skills seem to be tough for little guys, and catching is just as difficult, but I'm really proud of his efforts in this area.

Lexi has her first practice and game this coming week, so we'll have two games to update next week.

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