Saturday, February 1, 2014

Best Basketball Day Yet!

So after a week of games canceled due to weather, Griffin and Lexi were back at it today.  Griffin's team played a pretty even game with their opponents.  Griffin had two assists and two baskets.  He and a couple of the other boys were being very intentional about passing, also.

The big performance of the day came from Lexi.  She had 6, count'em, SIX baskets.  She made the first basket of the game, I watched but didn't quite process who had scored.  Then she scored again right after that.  The offensive barrage was on, as she hit bank shots, short swishes, and, according to another parent, kind of a baby hook shot.  She easily could have made another six or seven as well, as she had multiple good shooting opportunities where the ball just didn't go in.  It was pretty cool and Lexi was grinning from ear to ear afterward.  This one game may have equaled her total offensive output from the rest of her career.  We were very proud.

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