Sunday, January 25, 2015

Basketball Updates

Over the last two weekends, Cami played three basketball games.  Her team really struggles to score, but each game has gotten a little closer.  She has been able to take some shots, although none have fallen yet.  She continues to play good defense (always smiling and bouncing around) and enjoys bringing the ball up the court as well.  During one game, she picked up a loose ball at half-court and drove it all the way in.

Griffin's team is, as he puts it, undefeatable.  They won their games each of the last two weeks, by a margin of around ten points.  In the first game, Griffin made a nice steal, drove the lane, and missed his shot.  However, he always hustles around and plays stifling defense.  Yesterday, he went to help a teammate on offense, caught the ball, and made a shot from around the free throw line.  He was pretty fired up.  He also had a nice steal from one of his friends.

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