Sunday, January 11, 2015

The Season(s) Resume

Yesterday, the twins' basketball seasons resumed.  Cami's team didn't win, but Cami did a nice job playing defense.  She also was able to shoot twice, and even got to shoot two free throws, nearly making one.  She is fun to watch play because there's always a big smile on her face.

Griffin's team moved to 4-0, with a closer win than the last couple of games (it helps when the tallest kid is on your team).  Griffin was able to shoot a few times (though none fell) and continued hustling around after the ball.  He is usually pretty intense and focused when he plays, which is an interesting contrast with Cami.

In other news this week, we pack up our belongings and move in with the Dufeks for the next 5ish months while we sell our home and begin the process of building a new one.  It promises to be an eventful few months as we enter this new season of life, and the kids are excited to spend more time with Nana and Poppy.  They are also excited about having their own rooms in the new house.

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