Tuesday, July 7, 2015

NIV Dad's Devotional Bible Notes by Robert Wolgemuth - Book Review

From the publisher: A trusted source of wisdom to help men learn how to be the type of fathers God wants them to be, this Bible provides a full year of weekday devotions along with other helpful study features.

Filled with challenging and helpful information, the NIV Dad's Devotional Bible helps dads become fathers who honor God, live faithfully, and love their families-men whose lives will build priceless family legacies for generations to come.

With 260 down-to-earth devotions, one for every day of the work week, as well as quick book introductions and seven insightful "Building Your Children" articles, author Robert Wolgemuth will lead readers through the blueprint of godly fatherhood. And with a helpful "Questions Kids Ask" index in the back, the hardcover NIV Dad's Devotional Bible will equip dads with the tools they need to be great fathers.

What makes this NIV Bible different from all the other specialized versions out there? This one, the NIV Dad's Devotional Bible contains notes from author Robert Wolgemuth, who has written multiple books about being a father and husband. It also includes a forward from Kirk Cameron.

This particular Bible includes Monday-Friday devotional readings Each of these "Daily Insights" contains references for the passage of the day and verse of the day. It also includes an anecdote that ties in with the reading and has a father-centric spin.

The Bible also includes a handful of sections called "Building Your Children", which are about twice as long as the devotional readings. According to Wolgemuth, these articles hit on the main points of his book She Calls Me Daddy (another pretty good read). They contain readings on the following topics: Protection, Conversation, Affection, Discipline, Laughter, Faith, and Conduct. They approach these topics from a Biblical perspective, with scripture tied to them.

I found several other sections to be particularly inventive and unique to this edition of the NIV Bible. The first is called "The Bible for Dads". This section contains very short summaries of every book in the Bible, with the intent to focus on the heart/main idea of each book. The idea is to help direct fathers (or others) to the book that may address their specific need at that time. The other part I found cool is called "Questions Kids Ask". This contains a number of questions that kids may ask that could be hard for dads to answer. Ex: Why do we have to forgive people who hurt us? Do I have to obey my teacher even if they're mean? Why do Christians still do bad things? Do I have a guardian angel? If I'm forgiven, why am I still grounded? Each of these questions is tied to scripture and has an answer explaining it. As the parent of a young children, I can see how this would be particularly helpful.

Finally, there is a "Fruit of the Spirit" index which ties each of the daily devotional readings to a corresponding fruit of the spirit.

The size of the Bible is fairly standard and the print is easy to read, although maybe a little on the small side. The text is uninterrupted by commentary (except the typical section headings), with the devotions and other readings contained on their own pages. Overall, the layout is pretty standard as far as Bibles go.

There are a lot of Bible options available for those who are looking. The NIV Dad's Devotional Bible with notes by Robert Wolgemuth is a unique addition. I would recommend it for fathers who are maybe in the market for a little Biblical wisdom, but don't want to read a bunch of parenting books. This takes you right to the source, God's word.

I received a review copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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