Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Rain Shortened Sports Week

This week, Cami's softball game was rained out, as was one of Lexi's three track meets (two of which were rescheduled from previous rainouts). Fortunately, Griffin's basketball camp is indoors, so that went well. He keeps learning new skills, and it's really cool watching him continue to develop a stronger dribble and proper shooting form. This week he even tried dribbling behind his back during some of the drills.

Lexi did have two meets this week. During the first, she only long jumped, as there were no extra heats due to the weather. It wasn't her best jump (she was fighting wind and rain), but she competed hard and is improving her form. During the second meet, she long jumped, and again kept working on her form. Due to some injury and absence circumstances, Lexi also got to compete in the main event 200m race. She was super excited and represented herself well. She did not place, as she was racing girls older than her, but she was able to hold her own, and looked like a sprinter while doing it. It's a lot of fun to watch her compete. Also, the team won both meets, and are currently undefeated.

More stuff to come.

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