Sunday, May 22, 2016

Getting Closer to the End of the Season

With her track season officially over, Lexi wrapped up more activities this week with a school band concert and a piano recital. She also attended her first official Jr. High youth group activity at church.

Cami had two games this week. Her team lost the first, but did many little things better. Cami got her first hit, and eventually advanced to 3rd before being tagged out a home. She also pitched about an inning. She is getting more consistent every time, evening working to overcome a steady rain during the game. They won their second game, and Cami played okay. She played shortstop and left field, and got to field a couple of balls. She put the bat on the ball during one at-bat, but it just went foul. There are two more games coming up this week, so more chances to cheer Cami on.

Griffin's shooting form continues to get better every week. We put him through two shooting sessions this week and he was exhausted. He has one more session this week, and then we'll take a break from the summer.

With summer coming, sports camps are headed our way, and Cami got them started with volleyball camp this past week. She loved it, and looks forward to the time when she can play at school (sixth grade).

Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks.

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