Saturday, May 14, 2016

Nearing the end of the Spring Seasons

Lexi's competitive track season ended this week with a rainout. The team competed at the conference meet, but only the top two in each event run/jump/throw. She cheered her team to a 2nd place finish, and the county meet is this upcoming week. I'm not sure if Lexi will continue with track or not, but she seemed to have a fun time. She showed improvement, not only in her abilities, but in the mental toughness it takes to train for track events, especially with the high amount of running. I'm very proud of her.

Griffin continues to improve his basketball skills, learning more about proper shooting form, including how to put his legs into the shot and put backspin on the ball. He is also becoming a better ball-handler every week.

Cami's team had a double-header, due to a rain make-up game. Her team went 1-1. The exciting part was that Cami pitched all three innings of the first game and earned the win! She struck out four batters, and overall, had her best pitching outing. She was way more consistent and did a good job catching the ball when it was thrown back to her (that had been an adventure). Her hitting hasn't quite come around yet, but she is doing a good job of not swinging at bad pitches. Two more games this week, if the weather cooperates.

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