Saturday, September 17, 2016

Double the Fun

This week, Lexi had two tennis matches (unfortunately, she also had an invitational rained out). She and her partner lost both matches, but it is clear Lexi is improving. She is moving around the court more and making forehand and backhand shots. She also went straight from a match to cheer for the football team.

Griffin had two football games (one was a make up game). We lost both games, but Griffin had some good plays. In the first game, he played cornerback the entire game and had 3 tackles and ran a kid down on a long run but just didn't know how to dive at the end. In the second game, he played every single play, due to 5 or 6 boys being out from illness and other stuff. He did a nice job blocking from his wingback position, and his one chance to run didn't go well (most of our offensive plays weren't really successful in this game). He played corner again, and again had the chance to run a kid down; this time, he was able to dive and saved a touchdown. He also defended several pass attempts, nearly being in position for an interception. Next Saturday is the last regular season game.

Cami was due to have a double-header today, but was rained out. She'll have several games coming up due to all the rain-outs.

This has been a frustrating season weather-wise, as it seems every time there is a softball event or football game, there is rain. Bleech!

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