Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Lull In-Between Events

While none of the kids have events during Memorial Day weekend, we had plenty last week.

First off, Cami got 1/2 an inning in before lightning started. She has yet to play a game of fall softball, but we've got a reschedule for this Tuesday, which adds to the regular game this Saturday, along with practice. Should be a full week, weather permitting.

Griffin's football game was also on Tuesday, and actually was called with 4 minutes left due to the lightning. At that point, we were up 28-12. Griffin blocked much better this week and scored a 2-pt conversion that was so open he could have run the entire length of the field. Griffin also got to play defense, which made him happy. He was involved in a few tackles, and showed more aggressiveness. We're back at it on Saturday.

Lexi had 3 tennis matches, and unfortunately, she and her partner lost all three. However, Lexi was able to play a singles exhibition match, and won. She showed much improvement during that match, and the doubles match earlier that afternoon. She used both forehand and backhand strokes effectively, which she had not been doing. I actually like her playing singles better, because it forces her to move around the court more. She also tried to go to the football game and cheer after one match, but as with the twins, by the time Lexi was able to get there, the game had been called due to the lightning.

We are hopeful for better weather this week, allowing the kids to compete in their activities.

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