Saturday, August 4, 2018

Another Football Season is Under Way

With school starting, that means the kids are back in to sports. Griffin's last season of youth football got under way with a scrimmage/jamboree last Saturday and the first game today. The team looked alright in the scrimmage. Griffin played CB and WR, while also functioning as the back-up QB. His blocking is okay; we weren't able to get a pass to him, though. However, he had alot of action at QB. He did a good job running the plays, had a nice run on a QB Keeper, and actually threw a short pass that was turned into a touchdown. He also got creamed on his first pass attempt, but got right up and kept going. Defensively, he had nice coverage and made several good plays, either making tackles or turning the runner back into the rest of the defense.

As far as the first game (we played the other team from our school), we lost 18-0. We gave up a pick 6, a punt return, and a long pass (none were because of Griffin). He had a solid game at CB, and even had a great tackle against his nemesis, who then left the game because he was getting sick. Offensively, Griffin played at WR the whole game, and is still working on his blocks.

We have our next game next Saturday.

Cami starts youth league volleyball in the next week or two. Lexi (who is in two walking boots thanks to shin splints/stress fractures) is getting ready for the football cheer season to start, even though she can't do anything much but watch right now. And my varsity football season gets underway next Friday with a scrimmage. Trisha is definitely going to be busy.

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