Sunday, August 19, 2018

We Add Another Sport This Week

Griffin's team lost again this week, but we scored our first touchdown and played our best half yet. Griffin wasn't in on any tackles, as they didn't really run to his side much, but he did make a nice contain play on a sweep that resulted in his man blocking him in the back and getting a penalty. Offensively, he played over half of the game at QB, leading the team to the touchdown and completing two passes to the running backs. He also ran the ball a couple of times for minimal gains (some on iffy snaps that threw off the timing of the play). Another game next week.

Cami starts her rec league volleyball this week. She'll have one practice day and one match day each week. She is really looking forward to it.

Lexi cheered at her first varsity football game (we won, by the way). Unfortunately for her, she is still in her walking boots, so she sat right in front of the cheerleaders but wasn't able to be up and moving with them. Next week is another game, as well.

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