Sunday, August 12, 2018

More of Griffin's football

Griffin's team had their second game of the season this week. Unfortunately it didn't go our way. It was a struggle for the first half, particularly on offense (we were missing our first two centers, so snaps were an adventure for a bit). However, the team turned it around and played with more heart and effort in the second half, playing to a stalemate. Griffin had a nice game. He played WR and QB on offense. He carried the ball a couple of times and had two passes thrown in his direction (one landed short and the second was just over his head). He really shined on defense, though. He had multiple tackles, including a beautiful solo tackle on a bubble screen that could have turned into a big play if he had missed. He also had his first ever interception. One of his teammates knocked a pass down, and Griffin happened to be laying there, where he caught the ball with his legs. It was pretty cool, definitely a play that would have been shown on highlights if he was playing on tv. He has another game this next week, where the team will look to turn it around.

The girls are in a holding pattern, waiting for their activities to start. Lexi will be "cheering" at the first varsity football game this week, but may not be able to do much due to her walking boots. Cami still has a couple weeks until rec league volleyball starts.

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