Thursday, August 30, 2018

Quick Family Sports Update

Griffin's football game was postponed from Saturday until Tuesday due to weather. The team lost, but did have some good plays. The highlight for Griffin was his first catch. He ran a Go route and got behind the CB for around an 8 yard gain (we aren't really a dynamic passing team). It was also the first downfield completion of the season. There is no game this weekend due to the Labor Day holiday, so we're back at it next week.

Cami had her 1st rec league volleyball match. Her team lost, but Cami played well. She really improved on her serving, getting most of her serves over by serving overhand, which was a struggle last season. She also had several nice hits and bumps. She has her next game(s) next week.

Lexi continues to be a cheerleading bystander due to stress fractures, but the latest update is that she could be seeing some improvement.

The varsity football team won last week and plays a ranked opponent this week.

Stay tuned...

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