Thursday, May 17, 2012

Careers (According to my students)

My students recently completed research papers about careers.  But, I'm learning that research is a term be used loosely.  I'm going to list some of their findings. (All typos and misunderstandings belong to them)

Harrison Ford invented the Ford automobile.
Pre-school teachers need to get alone with parents.
A philanthropist is a type of doctor.
One step in becoming a veterinarian is anathesia.  This is when you clean the animal's teeth.
To be an auto mechanic, you can't be scared of getting greasy or being in awkward positions.
The history of video game design started in 1889 with Nintendo.
One required skill to be a video game designer is rowing.
One important job for a police officer, other than catching bad guys, is delivering babies for mothers that can't.
If you are a vet, your moral convections cannot be at war with your work.
One educational program for nurses is nursing ethnic.
Aerospace engineers make under water vassals.
To be an anesthesiologist, you will defiantly need math and science skills.

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