Sunday, May 13, 2012

WKNI Sports Round-Up

This was a week that started with a torrential downpour, washing out Lexi's Monday night game and half of Griffin's soccer practice.  By Thursday, though, we were back on track.

Highlight of the Week: Cami got her first hit off a pitched ball.  It was a medium roller down the first base line that started fair, rolled foul, and finally ended up fair again by the time it reached 3rd base.  Everyone thought  it was foul, until the 3rd base coach hollered for Cami and the other girls to run.  She was so excited, she gave me a kiss before taking the field the next inning.

Lexi: Lex is still looking for her first hit, but her swings are getting closer and closer.  Thursday, she made two good plays at 3rd, and on one she even ran to the base for the force out.  She started jumping up and down in excitement.

Griffin: The boy (as reported by his mother) ran around having fun, but didn't display his typical drive.  Maybe his mind was on something else, like philosophy or Star Wars Lego (he only has one more character to unlock and he is a little preoccupied with that currently).  For more of The World According to Griffin, you can follow me on Twitter @bigsandwich6 where I'm trying to tweet his random thoughts on Life, the Universe, and Everything.

Finally, WKNI wants to wish a Happy Mudda's to all you moms out there.

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