Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sportscenter, Knight-Style

Cami - This week, Cami had two games.  She had several hits off the tee, scoring a few runs in the process.  She also fielded several ground balls.  She even played an inning as pitcher's helper, but her cat-like reflexes were not in evidence, as she often was mesmerized by short hits and forgot to move at all.  Maybe she was visualizing what she should do.

Lexi - Lexi had one game and took a few good swings, but didn't connect.  She is really working on her timing right now.  The fielding is coming along, and she loves chanting, "Hey batter, look at me, I'm a monkey in a, oooo-aahh.

Griffin - Griffin had one make-up game rained out (now we have to make up a make-up?) and one game played.  He really started coming on in the second half of today's game.  He had one field-length dash and scoring chance that looked like it just might roll in, but an opponent stopped it inside the "no-touch" zone.  He had a chance at a free kick but left it a little short.  He also had a few more really aggressive and coordinated rushes with the ball.  You can almost see him developing his skills from week to week.

Finally, the Knights attended what is becoming a family tradition on the 1st Saturday in May: Free Comic Book Day!  We visited the local comic shop and were allowed to choose two comics each from a select group as comic shops across the country celebrated this fabulous day.  If only it had been around when I was a teen.  Sigh.

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