Monday, April 21, 2014

Softball Week 1, Baseball Week 0

Cami had her first game of the season this past Saturday.  She fielded several balls (cleanly) at shortstop, second base, and left field. She did a nice job throwing the ball to the correct base, as well. Unfortunately, she didn't get any hits. This year, the girls can strike out; last year they hit off a tee if necessary, so this is a change for Cami. Her next game is Tuesday night.

Griffin has his first game this coming Saturday.  Last week he had several practices, and has amazed me with his hitting and fielding.  He took a throw to the face on Saturday, and the poor guy thought he lost a tooth (there was already a missing tooth).  But he got right back in there like a champ and didn't shy away from any balls.

More to come!

Cami representing jersey #6

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