Saturday, April 26, 2014

Softball/Baseball Update

Cami had two games this week, finally getting in the win column on Saturday with a nice all-around team effort.  On Tuesday, Cami nearly tagged a girl at 3rd Base, played an inning at catcher (she volunteered, then immediately began regretting it), and had an RBI groundout.  Saturday she got her first hit of the season (and 2nd RBI), advancing to 2nd on an over-throw.  She eventually scored a run, as well.  Two more games next week, if the weather holds.

The World's Cutest Catcher
Griffin, in his first ever game, had one hit.  He played several innings at 2nd Base, as well as Rightfielder and Leftfielder.  He fielded multiple balls, including a really nice stop at 2nd.  Team-wise, the boys lost, but they have another chance on Monday.
Rockin' #6

At 2nd Base

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