Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Night (Flag) Football Update

For the first time in forever, Cami's cheer squad got to cheer in front of the fans, rather than near the end zone.  This usually doesn't happen, because jerky parents complain that the cheerleaders are in their way.

Also, Griffin's team won, 14-12.  Their record stands at 3-2, with one regular season game left to play (this coming Saturday).  Griffin carried the ball 3 times, for nine yards, a 2-point conversion, and a fumbled exchange, which is a dead ball.  His conversion was the difference in the game, and he crossed the line as his flag was pulled.  He also pulled 2 flags, one stopping a 2-point conversion, and one for a huge loss on 4th down.  It was a fun and tense (for flag football) game.

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